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What to eat when exercising

“I have been exercising for the last 6 months but there is no change instead i am adding on more weight,” says a devasted May Nantongo.
According to the January 30, 2019 research from the University of Texas at Austin, Researchers have found that formerly sedentary young adults who were instructed to exercise regularly for several weeks started choosing healthier foods without being asked to.
In the latest evidence that is worth sticking to your health-focused New Year’s resolutions, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have found that exercising regularly is linked to better eating habits.

However, Andrew Sekitooleko a nutritionist at Platinum hospital says, although one is exercising it is important to be cautious of what he or she eats.

Foods to eat…

Leafy vegetables help in weight loss. These include spinach, Kal and lettuce, which are rich in fibre that keeps a person full thus promoting weight loss. Since they are low in calories and carbohydrates and high in fibre.

Sekitooleko says, boiled potatoes like irish potatoes and sweet potatoe can work as a remed for weight loss because they are loaded with vitamins and fibre.
Chilly, like red and bell peppers. They are used in Weight loss because they contain “capsicna” which has been shown to reduce appetite and increase fat burning.

Cruciferous vegies like cauli flower, cabbage, broccoli and metaci. Sekitooleko says, they are high in fibre and tend to be incredibly fulfilling because they contain a lot of anti-oxidus meaning they slow down cancers.

Shere seeds. They are ideal in weight loss because they contain 12 grams of carbohydrates and 11grams of these are fibre.

Coco nut oil. These boost stirety (satisfying) compared to other fats and oils. Experts explain that however they should not be taken in large qualities or on a daily basis.

Fullfat cream yoghurt. These contains crabiotic bacterias which improve the functioning of your gut. Since a healthy gut protects against inflammation. Inflamation and Leptin resistance which is the normal drive of obesity.
Apple cider vinegar. These are usually used in dressings like vinaigrettes because it is a high cun meal that increases feelings of fullness.
Cate cheese. They are highly protein, low in calories thus making you full.

Experts emphasize high intake of fruits and vegetables that can be used as a substitute of snacks since they contain healthier nutrients.
Sekitooleko says people should replace sugar with honey in things like lemon juice, especially on an empty stomach during breakfast or during morning hours.
It is also good to add spices in your tea like cinnamon.
He continues to say, people should avoid taking already made juice like ice cream and shakes.


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