Unasnm leadership in South Sudan
The unasnm officials are in South Sudan to attend the offical launching of the South Sudan Student nurses and midwives association.
A three person delegation from the Unasnm's national executive committee (nec) is in the South Sudan capital, Juba, representing Uganda's student nurses and midwives at the launching ceremony of an association for their South Sudanese counterparts. The delegation arrived in Juba on Tuesday 28th August and is expected back in Uganda on Saturday 1st September. Unasnm Uganda Courtesy photo: Unasnm's logo The delegation is a composition of the Unasnm president, Secretary general, and the Unasnm's patron national. The three are in South Sudan to attend the offical launching of the South Sudan Student nurses and midwives association. The event is being held at Juba's Grand Pacific Hotel, according to the Unasnm Publicity Secretary, Mr Jacob Hifeete. Mr Jacob whose not in Juba in person but is updated of events as they happen, says the delegation was well received. He hastens to add that Juba, where the event is taking place is safe without any fighting. Readers may be familiar with report of an on-going comflict between the current South Sudan President Salva Kiir and allies of his former deputy. Juba's nursing schools Asked about the number of nursing and midwifery schools in South Sudan, Mr Hifeete gives a figure of 22. And he observes not all of them as concentrated in the country's capital, but are rather spread through-out the country. Significance of the trip This trip to Juba would be a first such invite to a regional event for any Unasnm executive committee barely 5months into offices given that the current Unasnm nec 2018/19 was only elected and sworn on 17th April 2018 at an Annual General Meeting held at Mildmay school of nursing and midwifery, Lweza, Entebbe. The term of office enshrined in the association's rulebook is 12months from the date of swearing in. The Unasnm nec has equally been invited to an event related to student nurses and midwives later this year in Kenya, an invite they are positively considering, intimates Mr Hifeete. The Unasnm is an umbrella association for Uganda's student nurses and midwives. And whose existence has spanned the full length of well over 2 decades, having been a born of the late 1980's.