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Uganda’s nursing and midwifery schools, and their student strikes over the years – part 2

Special meals were scrapped from the kitchen menu of Hoima school of nursing and midwifery. As for the two students, they were later allowed to register for their exams at an opportune time.

Masaka School of Compehensive Nursing.
This was the first student strike action in 2018. And the reasons were quite familiar. Students protested the poor quality meals and excessive examination registration fees.

What caused the demonstration was the late announcement of increased unmeb examination registration fees (just 2days to the deadline) despite the school administration having know weeks in advance of the start of the registration process.

As more of these student strike actions get more reported, it’s increasingly becoming clear that student nurses and midwives face related challenges. School administrators may be better served by paying significant attention to the welfare of their students (hardware), as well as the software (academic) matters. Poor meals — weevil-infested beans — seem to underpin many of these student strike actions.

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