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The Unasnm continues to sideline it’s over 59,763 associate members

With it should be a corresponding change in how it views non-full members (mostly Associate members and the rest). But with a rule-book that hasn’t undergone significant review in many yrs to address the ever changing membership demographics, and with a seat at the association’s executive committee ring-fenced to only one type of members — training students (full members), it is no wonder non-full members feel left out.

It waits to be seen whether the rule-book will be tinkered with to correct and align these inconsitences. As is currently consitituted, non-full members are merely ‘ex-officials’ to the association, allowed only to observe.

Until non-full members are intergrated into the Unasnm’s functioning, whilst balancing the interests of other members, the outfit will be and continue in this regard to have little or no significance to it’s largest membership, the Associate members.

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