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The Unasnm continues to sideline it’s over 59,763 associate members

According to the Unmeb, Uganda produced 59,763 nurses and midwives of different cadres, between the yrs 2006 and 2017 alone. The yr 2006 had an output of 1,925, with 2017 standing at 10,878, a 465% increase in 11yrs. It can thus be deduced that the Unasnm’s Associate membership grew by a similar number.

With so many nursing and midwifery graduates being churned-out annually in the thousands, a growth averaging at 42% per annum, one would reckon that Associate members would have a seat(s) at the association’s governing table, proving invaluable a resource to the association and contributing to the outfit’s entity. This it’s the case presently.

This pool of members would enrich the association’s it’s offering, activities and maybe shore-up it’s financial standing. It’s this what old boys and girls do for their previous primary or secondary schools? Universities have alumni.

The number of graduate nurses and midwives re-classified as ‘Associate members,’ by the Unasnm, grew by 465% in 11yrs.

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