Uganda Association of Physiotherapy

The Uganda Association of Physiotherapy (uap) has an executive committee comprised of the chairman, the vice chairman, the secretary, the treasurer and four committee members.

The executive members are to act for and on behalf of the association. They are to implement and execute decisions and policies laid down by the annual general Assembly.

According to the constitution of the Uganda Association of Physiotherapy, for one to qualify as a member of the Uganda Association of Physiotherapy, he or she must hold a diploma or degree in Physiotherapy from a recognized University or Institution and must pay membership and subscription fees.

The association (uap) is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (wcpt). According to a 2017 country profile provided by map to the wcpt, Uganda had an estimated 256 practising physical therapists, 34 percent of whom were female.

However there are other two categories of membership

Associate membership

This involves students in the school of Physiotherapy recognized by law and other professionals recognized by law. These members have the right to participate in the meetings and other proceedings of the Association but shall not exercise the right to vote.

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Honorary membership

These are persons who have greatly contributed to the development of the profession and shall be nominated by the executive with the approval of the General Assembly whose term of office will be determined by the association. However they shall not pay any membership fee.

Aims of the Association

To comply with the provisions of the constitution of the Association and the resolutions of the general assembly

To promote, develop, implement and protect the interests of the Association

To meet any other obligation that may arise from time to time in the Association

To comply with all the provisions of the Allied Health Professionals


To promote high standards of physiotherapy anad evidence-based practice in Uganda

To promote quality Physiotherapy education and research

To promote organizatioanal growth and development in the profession

To promote interaction within the profession and with other relevant professions

To promote professional co-operation nationally and internationally

To mobilize financial and material resources for the association

To present and advocate for Physiotherapy at all levels, nationally and internationally

To do any other services that may be incidental to and consequential upon physiotherapy.


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