Dentist’s orders: How to keep your mouth and gum healthy?

THE mouth is the most important part of the body that should be kept clean. It is not all about white teeth or having the brightest smile but one has to take extra care to make sure the mouth is kept clean.
“I brush once a day because I always get lazy to brush in the night, but sometimes I woke up in the morning when my teeth are paining, says Ritah Musiime a resident in Banda.

How to brush;
Anyone can brush their teeth but may not know the right and correct way of how to do so.
First of all it is important that one brushes their teeth using a tooth brush and tooth paste.
Do not rush when brushing teeth. Hilary Abonge, a practicing dentist at Astro dental services in Mulago, says one should take time and brush all the parts of the mouth carefully. The brush should be made to move.

Brush thoroughly; Abonge says when brushing the teeth one should make sure to reach both the inner and outside areas. People should brush the upper and lower teeth.

People should brush gently. Brushing with so much force can cause a strain to the teeth and the mouth.
Brush the tongue thoroughly, some people ignore the tongue but it is one of the parts in the mouth that harbors bacteria and it should be cleaned well and regularly.

What to do;
According to Abonge, it is very important to visit a dentist regularly. One does not have to first wait to get a tooth decay to see a dentist.

Avoid over using tooth picks. They damage the gum and can cause bleeding.
Regular consumption of sugary and sticky foods can make the teeth go bad.
Always change a tooth brush every after 2 months. Abonge says, people should use tooth brushes with soft bristles and avoid brushing roughly because it causes trauma to the gum.
People should avoid using teeth for vigorous activities like opening bottles, because it can make the teeth weak.
Use mouth wash where necessary
Always remember to use a mouth guard when going for sport games like Rugby, Boxing to avoid the mouth from getting damaged.

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