HealthPartners interests Bishop Ceasar Asili Hospital with cooperative health insurance

LUWEERO | | HealthPartners, a capacity-building organisation in the area of community health insurance using the cooperative model of risk sharing has gotten the administration of Bishop Ceasar Asili Hospital — a Kasana-Luweero-district-based health facility along the Kampala-Gulu highway — interested in rolling-out a health insurance scheme based on the principals of a health cooperative.

The Catholic-Nuns’-run hospital intends to start with those on it’s payroll, both medical and non-medical as it gradually brings others on-board..

A health co-operative, what it is
A health cooperative functions much like an ordinary cooperative with members who choose to associate with each other because of a need or challenge common to all.

The model works by pooling as many a financial resource together from it’s membership. It’s this financial pool that is drawn from to cater for a member’s medical expenses if and when they fall sick.

But because it requires many members in order to be sustainable, the health cooperative is designed for groups and as such requires atleast four members from each participating household within the wider umbrella of the group.

It equally borrows practices from other health schemes like co-pay to check on abuse. And paid-up members’ premiums are deposited with the health provider (hospital, in this case).

In preparation for the roll-out of the health insurance scheme (also called a health cooperative), HealthPartners organised an at-the-facility training workshop that lasted two days, starting on the Tuesday 15th January. A medical staff body representative of most departments at the hospital was in attendence.

The ending of the training workshop on Wednesday 16th January marked the begining of preparations to set up a fuctioning health insurance cooperative. This led to selection of an all medical-staff committee to among other things, develop a draft of a Memorandum of Understanding (Mou), in english and luganda — a local language widely spoken in the area — that would govern the health co-operative. A HealthPartners’ team is returing to the facility on Wednesday 30th to assess the hospital’s progress.

About HealthPartners
HealthPartners is a United-States-based company that has been in Uganda for over twenty years, operating in the western parts of the country.

The organisation, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking to expand the health cooperative model of health insurance to others parts of Uganda.

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