The unasnm hasn’t had a website for over a year. Here’s why

Congragulations! is available! This was the responce, when OfualokaPost run, the unasnm’s former web address, in a domains-available-for-sale database. A domain, in simple terms, is one’s address on the internet.

Having an on-line presence in the digital age of computers and smart phones has become a neccesity for many organisations, big or small, if they have intentions of being easily located by their target audience.

One of the benefits a website offers is it ability to deceminet information to a wider audience, boosting the geographical reach for the organisation. Websites can be used to provide information — organisation vison, mission, up-coming events, and even boosting the organisation’s public profile. A website makes an organisation look more authentic and legitimate as well as professional.

That was what the unasnm benefited from, atleast while it still had an active website. The student association website – – has been unavailable for over a year. And it doesn’t look like that’s about to change any time soon.

The domain,, was allowed to expire in early 2017.

The unasnm heavily relies on social media — WhatsApp and Facebook — to communicate to it’s membership, largely students all-over the country.

This was the case too when it had a functioning, though not vibrant, website.

How it got to this
Mr Kanyankole Frank, the unasnm’s former national president, told OfualokaPost that the person the association had paid to handle the renewal and maintenance of the association’s website hadn’t delivered and hadn’t retured calls by the time of the interview.

Expiry of one’s domain address comes with loss of all data on the website as it’s deleted by the registrar, a company from whom a domain address is bought. After expiry, it doesn’t take more than 8months before the expired domain is made available for anyone in the public to buy it.

The loss such a crucial tool from the unasnm’s communication toolbox should never have been allowed to happen. And it points to lack of clear understanding of the value that a website could add to the unasnm’s efforts as regards achieving it’s vision and mission.

The new unasnm nec needs reposses the domain address and to get the website up-and-running soon or risk loosing the domain to opportunists who may re-sale it to the association at a fortune. The unasnm may not afford it.

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