Nursing and midwifery schools whose May 2017 state final results were withheld but now released

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (unmeb) released it’s November 2017 state final examinations results 1st March. Among the results released were those that had been withheld in the May 2017 state final examinations.

The release was after the candidates, in unmeb’s view, had complied with regulations governing the former’s examinations — to which the education and sports minister concured, approving the release.

Here are the nursing and midwifery schools affected:

¥ Certificate in Midwifery candidates — one was from Lira school of comprehensive nursing, and another one from Hoima school of nursing and midwifery.

¥ Certificate in Midwifery — two candidates from Florence Nightangale school of nursing, and two from Kuluva school of nursing.

¥ Diploma in Midwifery — two candidates from Mulago school of nursing.