UnasnmAgm2018: Why Mildmay Uganda nursing and midwifery school is hosting 2018’s unasnm Annual General Meeting

#UnasnmAgm2018 | The choice of having a nursing and midwifery school host any unasnm event is informed largely by: (1) the need to have some form of regional balance, (2) provision of utilities & other services at no/minimal cost by the host school, and perhaps (3) the geographical location of the host school — it should be relatively easy to access.

This criteria, however, is not a must follow as it’s not scribed into the text of the association’s governing documments.

A decision on a host school is at the discretion of the acting executive committe at any one time. Mr Frank’s national executive committe , however, follows this criteria in choosing a host nursing school for any of it’s events.

And so it was the case with the selection of Mildmay Uganda nursing and midwifery school. (See article)

Unasnm Annual General. Meeting held at Mildmay nursing school Entebbe in February 2018
Photo: Mildmay Uganda twitter feed

From a regional stand-point, Gulu nursing school [northern region] had played host to 2017’s unasnm consultative meeting together, with the All health training institutional games. Fortportal International nursing school [Western region] hosted the 2017 september unasnm seminar. International Institute of Health sciences Jinja [eastern region] hosted unasnm’s April 2017 national seminar . The region left was central Uganda.

It’s with this backdrop that Mildmay Uganda was considered together with another nursing school as potential host for the unasnm’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Mildmay Uganda nursing and midwifery school emerged the better candidate.