Mildmay Uganda school of nursing and midwifery to host unasnm’s 2018 AGM

Mildmay Uganda school of nursing and midwifery, a health training school located along Entebbe road, is to host this year’s Unasnm Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is to span four days, from 15th to 18 march 2018.
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According to the unasnm executive, arrivals are expected on 15th, open-air campaigns for vying candidates will be on 16th, elections on the 17th that will culminate in the hand-over and conclusion of the event on the 18th. At the hand-over ceremony, Mr Kanyankole Frank, the students’ association’s president, will symbolically hand-over to his successor, the incoming unasnm president.

A change of signatories to the association’s bank accounts, and induction training for the in-coming nec executive follows in the days and weeks after the hand-over.

Each nursing and midwifery school is to send a delegation of 15 members from their local unasnm branch leadership.

Mr Kanyankole Frank came into office after winning elections in a Kampala-University-hosted AGM February 2017. (See article ) A unasnm nec term is one year.