Training student nurses and midwives in Uganda will now sit their exams in june and december.

There has been a change in the examination system for nursing and midwifery schools that has seen state final exams – normally done in May and November – get moved to June and December of every yr.

Ofpost understands this change is permanent. This change hasn’t gone without it’s fair share of confusion that has some students trying to understand this change.

Administrators of the various nursing and midwifery schools country-wide have thus informed there student populations of the new change in the months they’ll sit there exams. It’s was not immediately clear to Ofpost what informed the change.

The Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board (unmeb) is charged with setting and examining student nurses and midwives.

2,681 thoughts on “Training student nurses and midwives in Uganda will now sit their exams in june and december.

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