Unasnm executive meets Feb 1st to prepare to hand-over as term draws to an end

@Ofpost | The national executive committe (nec) of the Uganda national association of student nurses and midwives (unasnm) is meeting February 1st.

Top on the list of issues to be discussed is drawing of a road map that will see Mr Kanyankole Frank’s term come to an end. Mr Frank ascented to the association’s top office of president after emerging victorious at the unasnm’s elections held February 2017 at an annual general meeting (AGM).

Unasnm president - 2017/18, Kanyankole Frank
Unasnm president – 2017/18, Kanyankole Frank

There was a tie in votes during the election of it’s vice president, a matter which was deferred to a gathering of the association’s consultative meeting involving only branch presidents, unasnm’s leaders in the member institutions.

Election of 2018/19 executive

The meeting is likely to draw-up guidelines to be used by the association’s electoral commission headed by the Speaker when evaluating the eligibility of prospective candidates vying for positions on the association’s executive committee.

It awaits to be seen if the meeting will back a charge to be pegged on vying candidates, an issue that has proven divisive. However, the move is strongly backed by the association’s president and speaker.

Challenges abound

The nec that Mr Frank has led has encountered many challenges, key among them being finances.

Financial challenges that have dogged the association and been an impediment to it’s smooth running since the current executive took office are also likely to feature strongly.

Financial problems facing the association especially with regards to collecting subscription fees from subscribing nursing and midwifery schools has always out-lived most executive committees. It’s likely to be passed-on to the incoming leadership.

A source confides that the association’s guidelines require that the president and speaker each present bank statements of shs1.5million and shs.1million respectively during nominations, something that has yet to be implemented.

An announcement of when the executive starts receiving applications for those interested in running for positions on the nec should be in the offing.