UNASNM National Academic Seminar starts today, International Institute of Health Sciences Jinja are the hosts

The Uganda National Association of Student Nurses and Midwives (UNASNM) which is an umbrella organisation for students offering nursing and midwifery training at the various nursing and midwifery schools in Uganda holds national seminars on a bi-annual basis, in April and September of every year.

This year’s first seminar is to take place today Thursday 20 April 2017 to Sunday 23 April 2017, a span of four days.

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The host school is the International Institute of Health Sciences, Jinja. Hosting of this event is rotated among the member nursing schools.

International Institute of Health Sciences Jinja

The participating schools are to arrive at 2pm according to the programme of the event. Departure will be at 2pm on Sunday.

Election of vice president
This April’s national seminar is also scheduled to have an election process for the vice president seat on the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Asssociation.

There was a tie in the number of votes for the leading candidates during February’s Annual General Meeting that was held at the Kampala University School of Health Sciences.

However, unlike February’s election process, only branch presidents and speakers will be allowed to participate in this process.

Brief history
According the association’s website, the UNASNM is over 25 years old, having been registered as a Non-governmental organisation in 1985.

At present, it boasts of a large membership of students from both the public and private and missionary nursing schools in Uganda.

It’s current President is Mr Kanyankole Frank.

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