State House’s Health Monitoring Unit (HMU) statement on the death of a mother in Mitya Hospital

This is an excerpt of the HMU’s statement on a maternal death at Mityana hospital

• Nansubuga Angel (now deceased) was a 24 year old mother carrying her third pregnancy and was admitted in Mityana hospital on 25th January 2017 and treated for an infection. She improved and symptoms disappeared. Since she was due for delivery, she stayed in the hospital awaiting onset of labor.

• She eventually went into labor and delivered normally a live baby boy on Monday 6th February at 00:15hrs and the baby weighed 3kg.

• Not long afterwards, she started to bleed, the midwives noticed and called the Intern doctor on duty who saw her at 02:40hrs and confirmed that indeed the mother had lost a lot of blood, she wrote her treatment, and called the senior doctor on call. She also planned to take the mother to theatre, but instead she went back to sleep, leaving behind a bleeding mother.

• The senior doctor who was called to attend to what had now become an emergency, did not turn up that whole night.

• Only the midwives and the laboratory staffs who were on duty that night indeed fought and did all they could in an attempt to save the life of this mother.

• The mother continued to bleed until she died at 05:30hrs.

• It was about 3 hours from the time when the doctor was called until when the mother died. The senior doctor failed to attend to this emergency.

• The senior doctor came after daybreak for normal duty and wrote a death certificate for the deceased.

• Following public outcry, a team of HCWs some of whom were involved in the management of this mother sat and made forgeries and alterations in the patient’s file to make it appear as if the senior doctor who was called that night had indeed turned up. HMU finds this highly regrettable and unethical.

• An attempt by senior doctors and other staffs in Mityana hospital to cover up their negligence which cost the life of a mother was further exemplified by the maternal death audit report which deliberately concealed the fact that the senior doctor did not turn up that night to treat this mother. The death audit meeting was attended by the Medical Superintendent, the Head of Department Obstetrics, the senior doctor himself who did not turn up, the midwife in-charge of the maternity ward and the midwives who attended to the mother. Minutes of the meeting and a copy of death audit itself are on record.


It was reported in the media that the mother died because of a lack of blood giving set and that this prompted the midwives to demand for Ugsh. 5000=.
The following are the facts:

• Whereas the hospital claimed that government was not providing supplies and sundries including blood giving sets, it was established that Mityana hospital had never made requisitions for blood giving sets to NMS since this current financial year 2016/17 started and as a result, NMS could not supply what the hospital had not requisitioned for.

• In the last financial year 2015/16 when the hospital was requisitioning for the blood giving sets, NMS was delivering them and the last recorded delivery was on 22nd June 2016. The hospital pharmacist and medical superintendent claimed they did not know about this omission yet they are the ones responsible for preparing and approving such orders. They are some of the very officers who were claiming that government failed to provide blood giving sets!

• On Friday 10th February 2017 after the HMU audit revealed this fact about blood giving sets is when the hospital pharmacist through the medical superintendent wrote to NMS requisitioning for the item. A copy of the letter is on record.

• HMU did not establish and cannot confirm whether any midwife asked for UgSh. 5000/= to buy a blood giving set and does not accuse any HCW for such.

This is an excerpt. For the full statement click here .

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