UNASNM AGM 2017: The cake is soon to be cut & served at Kampala University

One year is not a long time in any public office. This is not any different from student leadership at the highest levels. The current cabinet, which is at the sunset of it’s time, set the date for the UNASNM AGM starting this Friday 24th and will last for three days with delegates departing on Sunday 26th. Kampala University is the host.

A candidate for NEC President

In the reign of any UNASNM cabinet, there are majorly three major tasks that a given cabinet at any one point in time presides over and it is the success or failure in these areas that are the yard sticks upon which the success of that cabinet is measured. These are; the Annual General Meeting, the Seminar in April and that in September.

As the date for the Annual General Meeting draws ever near, many have made no secrete of there intentions to take over the mantle of leadership at the helm of the association with the holy grail for most being a seat on the executive arm of the organistion – the National Executive Committee, NEC. There many benefits as one can imagine.

In today’s article, we want to have a look at the composition of this much talked about organ of the association as we run up to the conference this weekend.

Composition of NEC

According to the constitution of the UNASNM, the National Executive Committee is the top most organ charged with running ‘the day-to-day’ activities of the organisation.

It has limited seats compared to the overwhelming interest expressed at every election cycle. It’s made up of;

• The President
• Vice President
• The Speaker
• General Secretary
• Vice general Secretary
• Secretary for finance
• Publicity Secretary
• Vice Publicity Secretary
• Deputy Speaker
• 2 Committee members

However, it’s only the General Assembly that is empowered to decide on the number of committee members whilst seeing to it that gender and regional balance is observed.